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Vale das Lobas

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Tourism destination for Well-Being, Discovery and Biodiversity.


Vale das Lobas is a Nature & Health Sanctuary, a tourism destination for Well-Being, Discovery and Biodiversity in the Serra da Estrela district of Portugal.

Vale das Lobas is a model for rural regeneration, based on a holistic approach. The goals are to restore health, revitalise community and regenerate biodiversity. This valley once had a vibrant community, where the land was well managed and provided an abundance of produce and materials. The Vale das Lobas initiatives are transforming this beautiful valley into a haven for discovery and nature-based activities, and this regeneration is encouraging people to return to the area.

The funds raised through this campaign will support the completion of the construction projects, to establish all-year-round sustainable tourism, based on a membership model, that will support repeat visits. The investments include:

  • Completion of the indoor nature spa pool, using biological filtration,
  • Creation of medicinal gardens, including a Goddess Lake, for relaxation and contemplation,
  • Pub garden with ample outdoor spaces for enjoying food and drinks,
  • Underfloor heating in the bathhouse of the Camping Park,
  • Hobbit Houses – luxury glamping units,
  • Festival & event venue - for hosting celebrations, including Vindima, Magusto, and Olive Harvest,
  • Artisan Market Place – a reason to pop in at the weekend, and have lunch in the restaurant.

Construction of tourism facilities began in 2019. The iconic Lagar da Ribeira is home to the farm-to-table Restaurant and Pub, with its riverside gardens and terraces. The Camping Park is situated in an ancient olive grove next door. These two facilities will be open to receive guests in September 2022. The Grand Opening of the Nature Spa will be a little later, in December 2022, and members and visitors will be welcomed for personalized health retreats, courses, and conferences.

All facilities are being constructed with the highest standards of natural building, using local materials, including earth, granite, lime, cork, and wood. Vale das Lobas extensively uses renewable energy resources and recycling water and waste. This includes geothermal heating, photovoltaic panels, and a highly innovative micro vortex turbine system to generate electricity.

The water in the Nature Spa is supplied by ancient water mines:

Organic Farm-to-Table Restaurant in the old Lagar da Ribeira:

The promotor has something to offer to investors:

  • For investments starting at 400€ - a 50€ voucher to spend at Vale das Lobas (valid until the end of 2023, not cumulative).
  • For investments starting at 1.000€ - an 80€ voucher to spend at Vale das Lobas (valid until the end of 2023, not cumulative).
  • For investments starting at 2.000€ - a 150€ voucher to spend at Vale das Lobas (valid until the end of 2023, not cumulative).

The Impact

Direct impact 

  • Sustainable construction: with the financing, the promoter will be able to complete the construction of the structures following the highest standards of natural building using local materials, including earth, granite, lime, cork, and wood. The promoter estimates that 70% of the construction works are done with these materials, and concrete is only used in areas to provide stability, such as pillars and foundations. 
  • Sustainable water management: the funds raised will also be used to build a natural spa pool, using biological filtration, which consists of natural elements to keep the water clean and safe for swimming, avoiding chemicals. Also, all the grey water from the showers and sinks in the camping park, restaurant, and nature spa hotel will be reutilized for irrigation using a biological filter system. 
  • Improvements in energy efficiency: the promoter aims to strongly increase the efficiency of energy use through underfloor heating in the restaurant, nature spa hotel, and shower area of the camping park, combined with cork insulation under the roof and between the walls. Underfloor heating systems are one of the most efficient methods for achieving temperature comfort in a building, and cork insulation works to reduce warmth loss. 

Indirect impact 

  • Promotion of organic production and nature regeneration practices: a vegetable garden, chestnut forest, and forest gardens will provide 29.5 hectares of organic farming. There are currently 607 hectares of no-hunting zones in the Biodiversity Park, with a forecasted expansion of another 596 hectares. 
  • Promotion of sustainable tourism and local development: currently with a team of 8 employees, the promoter expects to have 60 employees by the end of 2022, focusing on local employment. At the same time, they will provide vocational training to prepare locals to fulfill technician, skilled craft, or trade positions. 
  • Promotion of clean energy generation: the promoter will generate electricity in the Restaurant through hydropower with a micro vortex turbine system (5kW), and photovoltaic systems in the Nature Spa and the car park. 

Impact Indicators

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Hectares for biodiversity

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The overall investment required to complete the construction is €747,300 euros. 80% of this investment will come from an incentive called Linha de Apoio a Qualificação da Oferta, which is supported by Turismo de Portugal. The other 20% - €150.000 is expected to be raised through GoParity's investment community.

Vale das Lobas is supported by strong financial partners:

  • Turismo de Portugal: Strategic partner for the development of tourism facilities, international marketing, recruitment, and training. Provided an incentive of €2.4 million under Portugal 2020. 
  • Linha de Apoio a Qualificação da Oferta LAQO  will provide a further €598.000.
  • Rewilding Europe: Strategic partner for the development of the biodiversity park and wildlife tourism offerings. Provided a €600.000 loan.

First revenues for the company will come after opening the Restaurant and Camping Park (September 2022). The facilities at Vale das Lobas will be available all year round, responding to the needs of a whole spectrum of visitors, from the youngest to the oldest, where the unifying characteristic is the love for Nature.

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The Promoter

About Vale das Lobas, Lda

Vale das Lobas, Lda. is a tourism purpose-driven social enterprise. As a more-than-profit company, the promotor sees profitability as creating long-term security and sustainability, conferring trust, and allowing the realisation of the missions, goals, and objectives. All interventions in the Vale (valley) have been carefully designed to integrate ancestral traditions with innovation, using sustainable construction, regenerative agriculture, natural medicine, and artisanal crafts. The company owns 60 hectares of land, including a 300-year-old chestnut forest, forest gardens, botanical gardens, olive groves, and agricultural land.


Click here to learn more about Vale das Lobas and the different modalities of the program.

 Vale das Lobas has a uniquely holistic approach, offering well-being and nature tourism, adventure and discovery tourism, gastronomic and artisanal experiences, and festivals and events. Each of these tourism threads are growing strongly in the global market, and the combination will place Vale das Lobas in a unique position in the market, as the go-to venue for Nature-based vacations in the interior of Portugal. The promotor expects the membership packages to encourage repeat visits and a growing sense of community.

Vale das Lobas has 8 full-time employees and a range of contractors and consultants. The number of direct employees is set to increase to 40+ by the end of 2022.

Meet the Team:

Tony Conway, Founder

Physician and Environmentalist with over 30 years of experience of practicing and teaching Natural and Holistic Medicine, and running a Well-Being Centre in UK.

Dino Schmitz, Director

Proven track record in senior management positions with focus on operations, commercial management and project management, entrepreneur and business owner.

Artur Gomes, Executive Chef

Experience as executive chef in Michelin star restaurant. Intern at Noma Fermentation Lab (Copenhagen). Finalist of the Region Portugal and Spain in the San Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year 2015.

Business Model

Nature-based tourism is a trend gaining new adherents every year. An increasing number of people are traveling in order to educate themselves about health, ecology, and sustainability, and to be more empowered, and connected with nature.

Vale das Lobas offers personalized well-being retreats and therapeutic consultations, quality accommodation from budget to luxury, a spa with natural mineral water and vortex treatment, courses and conferences, farm-to-table restaurants with local organic food, and numerous discovery pursuits (hiking, cycling, horse riding). Visitors can become a member of Vale das Lobas and benefit from exclusive access and discounts on experiences. Vale das Lobas will become synonymous with regeneration, sustainability, and holistic health as the company develops a strong brand identity around the magical healing characteristics of Nature.

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