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How do I register my company on the platform?

To register your company on our platform, head to our homepage, click on 'Login', and select 'Sign me up'. Fill-in your details and follow the steps. As a company, in order to start investing or to become a project promoter, we will require some additional documents. 

The steps are simple and as follows: 

  • Company's Legal Representative Identification Document: Please submit a copy of both the front and back of a form of ID.
  • Proof of Registration: 'Permanent Certificate' in Portugal.
  • Company Articles of Association: these need to be signed.
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Declaration: please submit your company's UBO declaration which discloses all company shareholders who own over 25% of shares.

The documents we require you to submit vary according to the type of company. They generally do not differ from those mentioned above. If you would like to find out which documents you are required to submit depending on the country in which your entity is registered, please click here.

Once you have submitted the documents and successfully verified your identity you can start investing. If you would like to submit your own project proposal and become a promoter, please click here.

Happy Investing!

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