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Create a wallet and get to know all available projects



invest in projects in which you believe



periodical payments from your investments


In GoParity you find meaningful investments: profitable, safe and that contribute to a better planet

Start with as little as 20€ on your first investment

Choose a project or create a portfolio, participate in making it happen and collect your earnings

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Promoters can be any company or association with a green project idea

With GoParity you'll have the fund to make projects happen!

If you're a professional in the area of green projects implementation and planing and you're looking for a funding solution for your clients, click bellow
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Economic development and ecological preservation shouldn't have their back turned on each other, we should face the future with the opposite perspective if we want a future at all! And GoParity allows that.

Pedro Pereira da Silva

GoParity has great Customer Support and makes me want to be friends with all the people behind the scenes who are so focused to create a positive impact in the world

Susanne Haefeli-Hestvik

A good option for those who like to invest in crowdfunding. Moreover knowingly it supports a more eco-friendly Portugal.

Tiago Almeida

GoParity, fast, simple and uncomplicated service. 5 stars.

Nuno Carvalho

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Sustainable Development Goals

We work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Renewables and efficiency | Water efficiency | Cleantech and circular economy | Sustainable tourism and communities | Climate and nature conservation